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Know more about Mademoiselle Eva

Your Sexy and Dangerous fighter

My passion for combat sports stems from an incessant desire to show men that I can be stronger and more dominant than them.


This is how the seductive, sadistic and dangerous Mademoiselle Eva Fighter was born.



I experienced my first fight when I was 7 years old. An 8-year-old kid hit me with his towel and I couldn't help but punch him in the face! Today, I would say: Damn that was a fucking hard jab! It was the first time I experienced punching someone right in the face, the first of many thankfully.

Young Adult

In 2010, I realized that in order to face my opponents, I would need more than just courage. I came to the conclusion that I needed to acquire certain specific skills in order to crush my adversaries. That's when I made my way to a kickboxing gym and fell in love with Muay Thai. My one and only goal was now to become a deadly Nak Muay!

I love the art of combat because it's not just about knowing how to use your fists and your weight, there are a multitude of logical and precise techniques to master and know how to apply effectively. So I dedicated myself to learning these techniques in depth and practising them day after day after day, all while sharpening my sense of timing and strengthening my mental focus.


These are the essential skills of a good fighter.


Music, cinema and inspiration

My love of music makes it an indispensable tool in my discipline and profession. Whenever I'm training, preparing for a fight or entertaining a client, I plug in my playlist and turn the volume way up. If we have a session together, you will immediately be transported to a street fight movie scene with the sexiest and most beautiful girl in high school.


Even when I'm not at home, I absolutely need a sound system. Music balances my spirit, elevates my mood, increases my sensuality, and fuels me with the power to strike.


When I get into combat mode, my warrior mind awakens, my senses heighten, my heart hardens and my concentration sharpens... one punch, two punches, one kick... and then BANG! I hit you with the most deadly roundhouse kick. Low kicks are my specialty baby.


The movies that were engraved in my mind as a child are Karate Kid, Ninja Turtles and Bloodsport with Jean-Claude Van Damme. I also love Ong-Bak, IP Man, The Hitman, Blade, Bloodsport, Never Back Down, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Beautiful Boxer and Broken Sword Hero.


The athletes who have inspired me along the way include Buakaw Banchamek, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Saenchai, Valentina Shevchenko, Anissa Meksen, Stamp Fairtex, Janet Todd and Alicia Rodriguez.


I always start my sessions by taking a few minutes with the client to go over certain details and humanize our relationship as opponents. We must take into account weight differences, point out any sensitive areas due to injuries, if any, and adapt our approach to the fight.


I also take some time to ensure that I have understood your expectations and desires correctly and to make any last-minute adjustments if necessary.


Communication is extremely important. If you do not want to get hit hard or see my sadistic side come out, please let me know. There is a huge difference between a sensual fantasy fight and a professional boxing match that goes beyond the point of humiliation.


Help me to please you and to make your fantasies a reality.


I agree to knock-outs during our session as long as your health permits it and you’re feeling generous with regards to the tip. Please note that KOs are limited to two per session for safety reasons.


My rates are firm and non-negotiable unless you become a VIP client. To achieve VIP status, you must book at least one session every two weeks.


I accept shit-talking but only once I receive your deposit for the session. Don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to shit-talk by text or in person before we face off. It will be my absolute pleasure to remind you that you are a weak wobbly man who’s about to get the living shit kicked out of him by a 120-pound woman.



In any combat discipline, whether it’s MMA, wrestling or boxing, there are rules regarding weight that need to be respected. These international measures were put in place for logical reasons. A 150-pound professional fighter would never fight against a 200-pound opponent. And if every athlete used 100% of their strength 100% of the time, it would result in countless concussions. Even when fighters train, they only use about 45% of their strength.


These rules do not apply in our case. You are about to face a formidable opponent with many years of experience. My multiple talents are unmatched. We will agree on a set of rules beforehand and you will have the opportunity to let me know how hard you want it.


For those looking to push their boundaries, I offer an extreme experience at 100% intensity. Please be warned that this option is reserved for the thirstiest among you and comes at your own risk. I am absolutely dying to torture you and I will show no weakness or mercy as you marvellously writhe in pain. I will wholeheartedly laugh at you as you beg me to stop and I’ll try not to come as I take fantastic pleasure in denying your pathetic supplications.


PLEASE NOTE THAT CONSENT IS A TOP PRIORITY. I promise to respect the boundaries we set together at the beginning of the session at all times and under all circumstances. We will also establish a safe word or colour code so that we can both clearly put the session on hold if we push our boundaries a little too far. What I enjoy about BDSM is that everyone involved agrees to play their role willingly in a safe space and predetermined context.



Clients often tell me that I obviously love my job. What I especially enjoy is being able to offer a customized experience, to play in a forbidden world, to be the key that unlocks your secret desires and satisfies your wildest fantasies, all the while pushing our own limits together, further and further.


Whether you're looking for a physical fight charged with sexual tension, an erotic fantasy boxing match or a bloody fucking beat down, I cannot wait to give you what you want and need. You'll see, I'll shine in your twisted little mind as bright as I did in the ring all over the world. And if you want me to tell you stories about past gruesome fights while I'm going at it, you will be served and left wanting more.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them when you book your appointment. Our very first interaction is very important. The more details you provide about your fantasy, the more I can tailor my services to your needs. But please be cordial, if you behave like a gentleman, it will deepen my desire to be your master and you will be rewarded for being such a good boy when I finally get my hands on you.


I promise to listen to you oh so carefully as you explain to me how to satisfy your wildest dreams, all while unloading furious blows to your unworthy flesh. You'll scream and cry in pain and if you're nice, I'll let your filthy lungs take one last breath before I gloriously fuck you up. When my sexy powerful thighs are done with your poor limp beaten down excuse for a carcass, you’ll be swept off to dreamland, exhausted, out of breath and dry to the bone, as the last thing you hear will be my crooked little smile whispering goodbye, my love, sleep well.

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