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Black Fabric
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Amor eterno

Mademoiselle Eva - an unshakable sensual creature


It’s my pleasure to welcome you
to my realm of unrestrained pleasures.

You just found me.

And now it’s up to you to
come find my mysteries.

My legacy is long-lasting
but rarely understood at first.

Like a kiss that lasts forever,

or a severe collide that forges your consciousness.

Something that will follow you everywhere,


I'm an entity you've never seen,
that you've never encountered.

-Mademoiselle Eva

Black Fabric

Why you want her

Eva Sanchez is an elegant Latina/Quebecoise from Montreal that come from a family of dancers that has deeply influenced her. She is someone who as a deep understanding of body knowledge and movements, her interests in sensations as shaped her sexual desires and practices. She is considered as a living piece of art. You can describe her as adventurous, curious and someone who likes to learn and teach themselves. She is definitely gifted, there is no doubt about that and her emotional knowledge is precise.

Intuitive and creative by nature, she can be soft and gentle for passionate moments and also reach her sadistic inner passion for inflicting pain. It is not unusual to see her cutting wood in a remote bush camp or reading fantasy stories at a small Montreal's Italian cafe or meeting with other goddesses for a lingerie fitting session. Her time is precious to her, make sure you are not messing around.

She is not able to keep up a monotone routine, so she makes sure all sessions are spicy and satisfy her curiosity. She thinks that modern life is boring and not satisfying, that people need guidance to unleash their needs for enjoyment, body satisfaction and their most intense sensations.

No wonder everyone is craving Mademoiselle Eva.

A little bit about her

For Mademoiselle Eva, being part of the BDSM scene of Montreal as started by participated in many
friendly kinky workshops and activities as well as making her own experiments. Now an active and
accomplished practitioner in that field, she knows it’s part of her 10 years of experience in the industry.

She transformed her personality and her practice to achieve perfection.

Her panther appetite is not limited, she always remains an hungry predator. Letting yourself into bondage
with a Shibari rope, getting spanked with a rough whip and many other tools are a beautiful way to submit yourself to her. On the other hand, she as a particular craze for using her weight to precipitate her knee, her foot or her fist onto her victim and being able to feel excitement from their pain.

Playing with rhythms , the mobility of bodies and the breaths of her submissive subjects are a pleasure
that fills her breath of life. She can choke you with her hands, her feet, her thighs and her ass while she is

telling you a joke, showing her apathy in front of what’s happening under her.

She adores objectification and using your bodies so that you become the chair where she is laying her feet
or the table she uses for her ashtray. Sometimes she likes it strictly for her own personal pleasure. She can

also incorporate role plays with theses practices.

Training in sports and more precisely martial arts for more than 10 years as brought Mademoiselle Eva to
become an athlete and to specialize herself into boxing fetish and wrestling. This unleashed her crazy
pleasure to dominate others by the strength and intelligence of combat! Her techniques, her strength and

her sadism are always at the rendezvous.

Don’t be shy, Mademoiselle Eva is really versatile, open the door for yourself to experience what you

enjoy the most.

Go visit the following sections and book now!

Duos, Un deseo Illegal (BDSM), Una pelea (Wrestling)

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